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When we first met you and started to deal with our debt problem, the first and most immediate effect was an abrupt relief from the anxiety and tension which had plagued us then. We also had hope and confidence that you would help us to resolve the debt problem. Today, the problem is finally resolved.

For Sally, your intervention has been life-saving. When she was weighed down by debt and not knowing how to manage her money, she became very anxious and depressed. Now that she is freed of that burden, she becomes who she is – a beautiful and resourceful young woman who is a tower of strength to people around her.
Thanks again and very best wishes to you and all the team at CB Debt

Ross and Sandra (Sep 2020)

Since first walking through the doors of CB Debt Consultancy I have felt heard and respected and the assistance that has been provided to me has been amazing and the guidance provided is leading me in the right direction for my future goals.

Thank you

Jodie (Mar 2020)

I can’t speak highly enough of, not only the financial support but also of the outstanding care and consideration you and all your wonderful staff have provided for my son in getting his finances sorted. Teoni and Tracey have stepped way above in their understanding and empathy of the circumstances of his case. Thank You! 
Rikki (Apr 2020)

We were in a complicated financial situation, entering voluntary liquidation, when Lisa entered our lives.
4 years on Lisa and her team at CB Debt have managed an extremely complex situation and saved our home, our sanity and our future.

Lisa and the team go above and beyond, with compassion, humor where needed, and her “I’ll fix it, don’t worry” attitude has lifted a weight from our shoulders many times. It’s a tough world out there, and when you need someone to go in to bat for you, Lisa and the team, are there.
Matt and Ev (2019)

I was referred to CB Debt Consultancy by my accountant after I’d found myself and business in financial difficulty. At that point, phone calls, emails and letters from creditors were relentless. I couldn’t sleep, stress was unmanageable and having detrimental effects on my health and marriage.

Enter Lisa Grey and her team. From the first meeting, Lisa normalised my situation, took over creditor correspondence and put a plan in place. I can still remember the enormous weight being lifted.  From then on they’ve set commitments for me which has allowed me to chip away and also get my life back on track. Their professionalism, support, reassurance and genuine care is extraordinary. I will be forever grateful to Lisa Grey and her amazing team.

Tom (2019)

I was in dire straights financially after my husband had walked out on me and my AUTISTIC child. I was left with a lot of bills I just struggled to pay every week .The girls at CB Debt Consultancy helped me organise my bills to an affordable amount and totally took the stress out of my life by taking over the organisation of all my bills and payments. 

I can now relax knowing that they have sorted everything for me and I have no need to worry every week how I am going to manage.

They are truly amazing and I cannot thank them enough for their caring and  kind support. 

I would recommend them to anyone needing financial help. It will change your life by taking away the financial stress.

Deb (2019)

CB Debt Consultancy has made a tremendous difference in our lives. We were finding ourselves with a difficult time, as my husband got made redundant and suffered a major illness.

My husband gained new employment but this was half of the income that we had earned in the past. As many people today we were over committed financially and were facing the prospect of losing everything. 


CB Debt Consultancy has been by our side all the way with this battle. It was a very stressful time, with me becoming ill with stress, depression and the phone constantly ringing along with the demanding letters from our creditors. This was a very dark time for us.

The staff at CB Debt Consultancy have been wonderful Carol, Lisa and other staff members understood our situation and not once were they judgmental about our situation, (other company’s were) CB Debt Consultancy have always keep us informed, gave us options and guided us with the decisions we had to make for the best outcome to our situation. We are now making the steps in the right direction with support and guidance from CB Debt Consultancy.


George and I are indebted to CB Debt Consultancy for the wonderful support and job they have done for us, financial and personally and we will never be able to repay them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Tracy & George (2014)


 I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work that CB Debt Consultancy has done for my family helping me get my life back.
Last year my husband and I were so overwhelmed with our finances that we could not think of any way out of the debt apart from bankruptcy or selling our house.  With 2 of our children having health problems it was just becoming too much to handle.  This was causing a lot of strain on our lives.
Our consultant Lisa stepped in and helped us set goals and organise our finances, she showed us that there was a way out and how we could take back control of our finances.  She took away the stressful phone calls of creditors wanting money.  We believe that CB Debt Consultancy does care that we achieve control and wealth in our lives.  Whether it be 9 o’clock in the morning or 8 o’clock at night Lisa has been there for us.
Today we may not be debt free but we do have control over our money. We didn’t have to sell the house or go bankrupt to do it.  We have now started paying of the debts and for the first time in a long time we have money in our bank account that isn’t just for bills.
My husband and I will be forever grateful for their understanding manner and advice.
Thank you,
Lance and Sharyn (2016)
I am a client of Ms Grey and I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone who needs to get back on track financially. She has helped me so much to sort out my finances, and is always working tirelessly to obtain the best outcome for her clients. She does it in a sympathetic but ethical manner and always has time to lend an ear and provide sound advice, and good old fashioned common sense. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is she will attend to it or tell me how to handle the situation.
I don’t think I would be here today without the support I have had from Ms Grey, and I am more than happy to write this on her behalf.
Bryan (2011)
 I was referred to Lisa Grey at CB Debt Consultancy in November 2010 after my debts had spiraled out of control. 
At our first meeting I found her sympathetic, professional and courteous.
Since then she has been fantastic in dealing with my creditors and worked tirelessly to set up a debt agreement.  
Without her assistance, I would have most likely ended up bankrupt!!

I have no doubt in recommending Lisa’s services.

Nicholas (2012)

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