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CB Debt Consultancy provides confidential assistance to clients with various financial circumstances.

Some options that are available through CB Debt Consultancy:

Budgeting is a fantastic start to begin to improve your financial position. We can assist you in formulating and implementing your budget.
This service can include a holiday or savings plan and can be catered to help you meet all of your financials goals.   
Our budgeting service can be tailored to meet your individual needs or setup directly from your payroll to be implemented.                                                 

Obtaining Moratoriums
This can provide a period of no payments to your creditors, giving you some breathing space for a short period of time. During this time you can focus on working through your current situation without the pressure of these commitments, then we can work with your for a long term solution.
Moratoriums can be applied for secured and unsecured debts.

Negotiating Payment Plans
We can speak to creditors on your behalf and organise reduced payment plans based on your situation. We can also assist  with lump sum or reduced settlements under hardship.
Secured loans are eligible for a short term reduced arrangement under hardship from most creditors when a situation occurs. 

Negotiations with the ATO
We specialise in dealing with the ATO, including entering payment arrangements which are affordable to you or your business. 

If you currently have a garnishee order in place, we may be able to assist in getting this reduced to ensure that you are not impacted in other areas of your finances.

Centrelink / Child Support
We can assist with negotiating a payment arrangement for any Centrelink or Child Support debt. We can also look into the particulars of the debts which will ensure that the current information is being reflected. If you are unsure of the debt or ongoing responsibility we can liaise on your behalf to prevent further stress and confusion.

General Counselling
We have a general counsellor that specialises in grief, crisis and mediation as well as  range of other services. This is available for all of our clients within our services.
Our general counsellor is available for outreach assistance when required. 

We can assist with your application, if this option is available. To qualify for early release of Superannuation, you will need to meet the criteria such as: medical grounds, unemployment or foreclosure notice from your bank for your property.

Part IX Debt Agreements
A Part IX Debt Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors. It is a flexible way to come to an arrangement to settle debts without becoming bankrupt. It stops all collection activity on your unsecured debts once accepted. In order to propose a Debt Agreement you must meet certain requirements which include: total debt limit, asset and income thresholds.
(Lisa Grey – Registered Debt Agreement Administrator – Registration number: 1335)

We can assist in the preparation and lodging of this legal process that releases you from most debts.  Bankruptcy does not release you from fines, Child Support or certain other government debts. Bankruptcy can be lodged voluntarily with either a public or private trustees if you have debts that you can’t pay. Bankruptcy is often a last resort given the consequenc

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