Many people cope adequately until something unexpected happens, such as illness, redundancy or a relationship breakdown forcing them into hardship. Money problems are sometimes exacerbated by substance abuse, gambling and other addictions. 

This can leave you feeling helpless. 

Our genuine personal approach caters solutions to your individual needs.

Are money worries stopping you from enjoying life?

• Do you use your credit card for everyday use?
• Do you use one credit card to pay another?
• Are your credit cards reaching the limits?
• Are you living pay-check to pay-check?
• Are you scared to pick up your phone?
• Are you behind in your rent or mortgage payments?

Are you...

  • • Overcommitted?
    • Unemployed?
    • Recently Separated?
    • Suffering from an illness?
    • Struggling with an addiction?
    • Impacted by a recent disaster?

Is your business?

• Struggling to pay suppliers?
• Struggling to pay wages?
• Struggling to meet ATO obligations?
• On the verge of insolvency?

Do you...

• Have an overdue tax debt?
• Have unpaid/overdue superannuation to your employees?
• Have limited cash flow?
• Have all business accounts at their limit?

CB Debt Consultancy can assist you with managing the daily financial tasks of your business and allow you to focus on the running of your business. We can work with you to implement a budget to improve cash flow, negotiate payment arrangements with suppliers and the ATO to get everything back on track.

CB Debt Consultancy has a range of options that assist businesses find a solution to enable them to move forward and take the stress out of the financial burden.

There is no situation that doesn’t have a solution


Contact CB Debt Consultancy today if you…….

• Want a fresh start

• Want to get back in control of your finances

• Want to take the stress out of life and free yourself from the worry of your debt

• Want to stop the hassles from your creditors